Woodworking: Making Desk Toys with a Surprise

My Dad built a couple of harmless prank office toys back when I was a little kid. I decided to make a few of my own using my X-Carve, and Paw’s original as a model.

Learn more about the X-Carve: https://www.inventables.com/
Sign Up For Easel: https://bit.ly/2IbODz7
Project Files –
Bank: https://bit.ly/2Vj0Zwk
Outhouse: https://bit.ly/2NqJQy9

Project Plans: https://bit.ly/2VrFedN

X-Carve: https://bit.ly/2IaKmvG
⅛ Upcut End Mill: https://bit.ly/2TYoGK3
1/16 Upcut Spiral Bit: https://bit.ly/2T2qSmr
60 Degree V-Bit: https://bit.ly/2NgwPHd
Clamp Set: https://bit.ly/2TXfe9X
Mouse Traps: https://amzn.to/2TWWOWO
Thick CA Glue: http://bit.ly/2tslASZ
Accelerator: http://bit.ly/2GRiJej

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My Website: http://gunflintdesigns.com
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