Woodworking – DIY Farm Table Build – How to Plans!

Farm tables are hot right now, don’t buy when you can build. Enjoy!
Plans- http://www.thehomesteadcraftsman.com/p/blog-page_75.html
My MONEY Book- https://www.amazon.com/How-Make-Money-Woodworking-Developing-ebook/dp/B01C4IWUNK/ref=la_B01C4QOD78_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1456420670&sr=1-1
I also put together a great list of videos that will be helpful when making your table, enjoy
My book on developing this table- https://youtu.be/gB32LjewXpA
Making a 10 Foot Farm Table- https://youtu.be/WcNCn-ytRgo
Tapered legs- https://youtu.be/GIgxbG8Ng98
Painting and distressing- https://youtu.be/o9SMorrVk5E
Making tables fast- https://youtu.be/p31-W0b9PJc
Wood lathe duplicator- https://youtu.be/7wejoxolvjw
Table saw tenon jig- https://youtu.be/d4BarCgYLgA
Scraping a table top- https://youtu.be/KUemeerkNAs
Repairing reclaimed lumber- https://youtu.be/70MO4m-971w
Jointing with a track saw- https://youtu.be/LwAsG_a-HYM
My drum sander- https://youtu.be/tP9laXd8t4U
Wipe on poly- https://youtu.be/pE4IYIWdl8Q
Pegged mortise and tenon- https://youtu.be/DvoWS2ySFEo
Hand hewn look with block plane- https://youtu.be/Rgpf8uAjN6M
Drill press mortises- https://youtu.be/HeugOEuzq20
Attaching a table top- https://youtu.be/Ny53AyB1a6g

This video shows all the details to build a farm table in the traditional sense. At first it may not seem like a DIY level project but I say anyone with basic tool know how can tackle this project. It may not be as easy as screwing some 2X4s together, but with patience and focus you can make this table. You may have to work around certain techniques and substitute them for something easier, but hey…that’s what will make your table unique. Let me know if you need any help!


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Song 2- Tucson

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Song 4- Blizzards

Song 5- Soul Search


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