What’s the best cordless drill for DIY and home improvement projects?

What’s the best cordless drill to buy for DIY?

My answer is a combination tool—the cordless drill/hammerdrill.

Why? This tool enables you to drill holes in wood, metal, concrete, block and stone—small ones in concrete, block and stone. And, of course you can drive screws and turn other fasteners.

It’s kind of the do-all drill that’ll do just about every drilling and driving job for DIY home improvement projects—fix the deck, hang curtains, build a play set, etc.

Batteries are pretty much all-awesome these days. One important thing to consider is if you want to get into other cordless tools without having to buy more batteries and chargers—or if you want to stay with batteries you may already own.

The Ryobi shown here has a tool-only purchase option as well as a tool + battery situation. The 18-volt battery has decent go-juice for driving deck screws or–as shown in the video–drilling a pilot hole and sinking a screw in concrete.

When I buy a tool in a store, I pick it up, hold it in different positions, and see how it feels in my hand. I check for a solid fit and finish (does it feel boss or flimsy?) I check the trigger to see if it pinches and how easy (or not) it is to swap out a battery.

So what’s the best cordless drill to buy for DIY? Cordless drill-driver/hammerdrill.

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