What You Need To Know About Digital Showers

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Digital showers, the most recent innovation in shower technology and design, offer amazing features like wireless control units as well as precise temperature control. You can install them anywhere in your bathroom.

What exactly is a digital shower?

Firstly, it comes with a digital thermostat. This means you can set an exact temperature for your water to achieve the most blissful shower. Both cold and hot water goes into the processing unit and is mixed to achieve your dream temperature.

Since a thermostat controls the temperature of the water, there are no annoying temperature spikes each time someone flushes the toilet or turns a kitchen tap on.

These showers work similarly with mixer showers but the former are just more accurate. They also come with handy features like wireless connectivity, LCD displays and touchscreens.

Some of the best products on the market right now include Triton, Mira and the Aqualisa digital shower.

Is a digital shower right for me?

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Unlike some showers, digital showers can work with all kinds of heated water systems. So as long as you have an immersion heater or boiler, you can use a digital shower. In fact, digital showers work with all types of water systems.

What are the best digital shower features?

Most digital showers let you decide and set the temperature you prefer, which means that with just a touch of a button, you get to enjoy your dream shower. Then there’s the lighting systems that are colour-coded and LCD touchscreen displays, which tell you when the water is at your desired temperature.

Some showers come with Bluetooth or wireless connectivity for you to be able to install control even up to 10 metres away. That’s amazing when you feel like switching the shower on to warm up before getting in! You can even control some models using your mobile phone.

Is a digital shower with a pump good for a powerful shower?

Pumps will certainly boost water flow to deliver more amount of water than what a non-pumped shower could, making your shower feel a whole lot more powerful. Whether you opt for a pumped digital shower or not, it all comes down to the type of water system you have at home.

The two chief types of water systems:

  • Pressurised systems – when the mains-fed hot water cylinder mixes with the cold mains water right before it reaches your shower. There won’t be any cold tank with this system, so you won’t be able to have a pump installed.
  • Gravity-fed system – if you do have a cold water tank that frees the hot water cylinder, you can install pumps.
  • Combination boilers – you can’t install pumps with combination boilers.

Can a digital shower be installed without removing bathroom tiles?

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This all depends on the kind of digital shower you decide to buy and the shower that’s already in your bathroom. For some models, you can have the processor box installed out of sight rather than having it in the shower enclosure and the power and water will flow to the control unit and to the shower head through the riser rail. Through this, you won’t be channelling pipes into a wall or removing tiles.

However, other models require pipes and power cabling that are new. If you opt for a digital shower, make sure you check the control unit’s size. The control unit will protrude from the bathroom wall.

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