Ways To Make Your Garden Green

How can you make your garden green? While the basic answer is fertilizer and water, there are other things you can do to keep your garden healthy and happy. The presence of a lawn area in your garden can reduce the temperature of your garden space, and lure creatures that create a healthier environment for plants.


Yes, earthworms are one of the best visitors you can have to your garden. While you may cultivate them in the garden, the lawn space can really encourage the propagation of earthworms.Point out to your lawn care service provider that you want to take care of the earthworms in your soil. When they treat for grub worms, they will use a pesticide that won’t harm the earthworms.

Destructive Pests

It often takes an experienced awn maintenance professional to get rid of damaging pests without killing the beneficial ones. Cut worms, grub worms, aphids, and many other bugs can destroy your garden in a matter of a couple of weeks without control measures. However,proper application of pesticides will get rid of the pests, and allow beneficial insects to return without competition from the bad ones.


Many people are reluctant to use any chemical fertilizers on their garden. They think they need to use manure or other natural elements to be ecologically sound. However, manure can often contain parasites and bacteria which can present health problems to the gardener.You can get sick from coming into contact with these materials, and in some cases, food gathered from the garden can carry the pathogens.

One will need to carefully calculate how much chemical fertilizer should be applied to your property. They take into account the type of plants growing, the plants’ “appetites,” and the expectation of rainfall in the near future. With these calculations, they can apply just enough fertilizer to feed the existing plants, whether they be lawn, trees and shrubs, or garden plants. The plants use up the fertilizer so that it doesn’t just sit unused in the soil, waiting to be washed away by the next rain.


Many people want to add lights to their garden. This is one of the most beautiful steps you can take as a gardener because you can highlight special plants in the spaces. Add spotlights to fire up into the trees, and lights along the walkway to keep people from stumbling. Lights on the steps help to keep people from falling off of the deck.

Solar powered lights are a great green solution to your garden lighting problem. You don’t have to run wiring, for one thing and they don’t use any electricity. They absorb power to the battery during the day, then shine all night, giving the illumination all night. The gentle glow from the solar power lights create a warm ambiance in the garden, as well as adding to safety and security. Many lawn care services can install the solar lights for you.

Surrounding Buildings

It’s also an important time to have a look at your surrounding buildings and see if you can make any improvements which will in turn have an improving effect on your garden. If you have a garage nearby or that goes onto your garden, a nice new garage door or sectional garage door in a nice green color would make a great fit. It’s clear that there are many ways to improve your garden, have a look and see whats possible for you!

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