The One Thing I Always Do When I Move Into a New Rental

Earlier this week, we published an article that shared six stylish solutions for those (kind of awful) vertical blinds you so often see in rental apartments. Of course, they are incredibly practical, and if you’re all about privacy and so-so about aesthetics, then keep on keepin’ on I suppose.

But me? I can’t stand them. They look so… institutional and devoid of any personality. I’ve been a renter for as long as I’ve lived on my own (eight years), and I just always sucked up vertical blinds as an occupational hazard of not owning a home. That is until I figured out how to make them essentially disappear. No, I don’t mean bringing out my tools and taking them down completely. While I’ve certainly thought about it, I never wanted to deal with what to do with them once they were off my windows. My solution was so easy it was basically a total “duh” moment, and, in case you haven’t thought of it for yourself, I thought I’d share with you today.


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