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Missing Persons once famously sang “Nobody walks in LA,” but that makes me think they never lived in Los Feliz. You can spend a day picking up tchotchkes and vintage wares on Vermont or Hollywood Boulevard. You can shop at five different grocery stores of your choice (plus a Sunday farmer’s market). Use your MoviePass at not one, but two, vintage theaters. Witness movie stars get their weekend brunch on at Little Dom’s on Hillhurst or hike up to Griffith Observatory to gaze at the literal stars. Finally, end the day with a late night diner dessert at House of Pies or Fred 62. All of this without ever having to waste your gas. These are just some of the many reasons why I’ve lived in this hood for the past six years (not having to drive being number one!)

While parking can be a pain when you do drive (not much different than anywhere else in the city), it’s all worth it on nights when you stroll over to see Jeff Goldblum tickle those ivories with his jazz band at the Rockwell or listen to your favorite writer do a reading at Skylight Books. And if you’re the True Crime-obsessed type, there’s enough lore in the area to pique your interest for a lifetime — like the LaBianca house, one of the famous locations of the Manson murders, and the Los Feliz Murder Mansion, where a doctor brutally butchered his family and then killed himself in 1959. (My husband, who also lived in the neighborhood when we first met, suggested an excursion to said house as his pick-up line to me. Creepy or the perfect goth first date?) One thing’s for certain, this is an LA neighborhood where you’ll never get bored.


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