The Best Small Space Organization Solutions—According to People Who Live In Tiny Homes

The tiny home movement has undeniably arrived—not just for minimalists looking to get back to basics, but for adventurers, families, and even 9-to-5ers. In fact, at least half of Americans now say they would at least consider living in a tiny house (defined as fewer than 600 square feet), according to a new report. Even if you’re not so sure the tiny life is for you, it sure is interesting to imagine how people seemingly like you could pare down their belongings and live what seems like the simpler life.

Organization is a challenge for most of us, but doing it in less than 600—often way less—square feet? Now that requires some ingenuity. These tiny house owners have plenty of advice for keeping small spaces tidy and organized, giving shout-outs to some of their favorite life-saving products as well. Get ready to streamline your own (likely not-as) tight spaces with their tips.


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