The $4 Amazon Buy That Will Make Your Dishwasher 100 Percent Better

As anyone with kids—especially babies and toddlers—knows, all that feeding gear seems to come with tiny bits and pieces that need to be disassembled and individually sanitized. When you’ve got a newborn, buying a sterilizer might feel like it makes sense, but by the time your kids are older, you’ve moved it out of the way to make room for other gear. And even as adults, there are all kinds of random items—water bottle tops, lids to tiny food storage containers, and the like—that really should be properly cleaned and not just given the occasional rinse.

The dishwasher is the logical solution. It cleans and sanitizes beyond my own abilities (or at least, beyond my threshold for patience at the kitchen sink). But those little bits and pieces can easily get dislodged and re-lodged into unideal spots.


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