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Stainless steel partition frames Wellsky fashion boutique by Xian Xiang Design

A stainless steel wall with rose-tinted windows sits at the centre of the Wellsky store in Hangzhou, China, designed by Xian Xiang Design.

The Chinese studio’s interior for the Wellsky womenswear boutique blends futuristic elements, such as stainless steel and white terazzo tiles, with “soft and warm” touches, such as pink glass and velvet-upholstered furniture.

The storefront is lined with a series of stainless steel arches that frame its windows. Inside, the 100-sqaure-metre store has a simple rectangular plan with a single line of stainless steel clothes rails placed around its perimeter.

White-painted walls and white terrazzo floor tiles allow the clothing to take centre stage.

A stainless steel partition, which sits in the centre of the store, breaks up the space creating a more intimate area for seating.

The partition is cut with an arch-shaped doorway and a circular window that is fitted with a semi-circular pane of pink-tinged glass. The designers said that these openings are intended to create a sense of “openness” while also framing the surrounding garments.

The partition is also fitted with a series of display shelves backed by the same pink-tinted glass.

“The shape of the partition wall echoes with the arc-shaped doorways, creating an extra layer to the space and an additional layer of fun when going through the shop,” said the studio, which is led by designer Yuan Lijun.

The clothes that line the perimeter are back-lit by a strip of LED lights that are built into the rail, while a series of minimal sconce lights illuminate the walls above.

At the back of the store a mirror propped up against the wall is lit from underneath by a set of two tube lights.

Stainless steel partition frames Wellsky fashion boutique by Xian Xiang Design

“For fashion displays, it is crucial to be able to capture light and use it onto the display,” said the studio. “Using daylight and neutral coloured light bars throughout the space, Wellsky captures the interplay of light and shadow in a cool manner.”

In addition to the malachite green armchairs that sit behind the partition wall, the space is also features a long sandy-coloured marble table.

“A closer look at the materials will unravel rich textures in the space,” explained Xian Xiang Design. “Sleek stainless steel meets rough white walls, and terrazzo floors meet with a marble long table that adds a touch of textural warmth to the space.”

The arch-shaped partition and store front at Wellsky recall the giant geometric display stands that intersect with imposing steel archways in this recently-opened book shop designed by Alberto Caiola, also in Hangzhou, China.

Photography is by Wen Photography.

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