Setting Up Fish Tanks In Great Places in your House

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So you’ve decided to set up a brand new fish tank in the house – great! The question now is where to put it? Depending on the size of the fish tank and the size of your rooms there are a number of places your tank could easily go so let’s take a look at some of the things to think about.

  • The size of the fish tank

If the fish tank is small then you can put it anywhere you like in theory. However, if it’s bigger, then you need to find an appropriate place where the fish will be comfortable, in the right conditions and you will still be able to access the back of the tank for maintenance reasons.

  • Avoid windows

Fish shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight or sudden changes in temperature so you shouldn’t put your fish tank next to a window for this reason. Intense heat or cold can cause fish to get stressed and become ill or worse, so never put your fish tank right in front of a window.

  • Avoid heaters or radiators

For the same reasons as windows, you should avoid putting your fish tank next to heaters of any description or radiators – fish need to have a constant temperature whenever possible, to keep them happy and healthy.

  • Avoid electrical equipment

Fish tanks contain water so if you can avoid putting them near electrical sockets or any other electrical source, just in case of any spillage or incident while carrying out maintenance work, this would be advised.

  • Somewhere you can see the fish

You want to be able to see your fish easily, firstly so you can enjoy them but also so you can spot any changes in their behaviour, or if any become sick. Keep them somewhere light and accessible where you can watch them, rather than out of the way in a dark hallway, for example.

  • Somewhere with low foot traffic

While you do want your aquarium to be seen and admired, you equally don’t want it to be bumped into or knocked over, so don’t put it somewhere in the way, like in the middle of a room or doorway – make sure it’s not going to get knocked around. It’s finding the balance between admiring it and keeping the fish safe.

  • Think about access to the tank

You will need to be able to get to the fish tank every day to put the lights on, feed your fish and any other routine maintenance tasks which might need carrying out so make sure the fish tank is somewhere accessible. You don’t want to be moving furniture around it every time you need to do something.

  • Storage space

Your tank will need a variety of elements which come with it for cleaning and maintenance purposes so if you don’t have a dedicated fish tank cabinet you will need to think about where you are going to store all of the bits and pieces.

  • Weight of the tank

If you haven’t got a specialist fish tank cabinet to support your fish tank then you need to consider just how heavy it will be once it is filled with water. If you were planning to put it on top of a piece of existing furniture for example, make sure it can take the weight before you start to fill up the tank. The last thing you want is for the table to collapse under the tank, sending water and fish everywhere.

  • Unwanted access

If you have young children or other pets, particularly cats, you might want to think about where to put the tank in relation to the safety of the fish away from nosy fingers and prying paws. If you can put them up high, out of reach and away from any kind of cat climbing route, so much the better, as long as you can still admire them.

  • Think about the light

It might be nice to think about having a fish tank in your bedroom but if the light from the tank will keep you awake then it could become very stressful quite quickly. On the other hand, the light from a fish tank could be the perfect solution for a young child who is having trouble getting to sleep – a soothing, calming night light.

There are many places you can put your fish tank around your home, depending on the size of the tank and your rooms, but just bear in mind these top 10 issues before you decide on the final location.

As long as the fish are somewhere with a constant temperature, not likely to be disturbed or knocked around, and have enough light and warmth, they will be perfectly happy wherever you decide to display them.

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