Pros and Cons of Vinyl Replacement Windows

According to, heat loss and gain through windows takes up 25 to 30 percent of heating and cooling energy use in a residential household. That can add up to a big chunk of change, not to mention the negative impact on the environment, whether you live in Jacksonville, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; Austin, Texas or anywhere else.  

Vinyl replacement windows can be a great option, but you’ll want to consider the pros and cons before making the investment. Your return on that investment, or ROI, depends on how much energy you’ll save during the lifespan of the windows. A Cost vs Value report produced by revealed that you may be able to recoup over 75% of the money invested in replacement windows when selling your home.

The Pros

Reduced energy bills. Vinyl keeps its shape when temperatures cool down or heat up which means the windows won’t warp and lose their seal. They offer exceptional energy efficiency for keeping your home at a consistent temperature throughout the year that makes them an ideal choice if you’re hoping to save money on cooling and heating bills.

Durability. The resistance to heat and cold is what makes these windows standout against the others as they can stand the test of time, holding their shape. Advances in vinyl windows help to minimize fading, cracking and peeling too.

Little maintenance. Vinyl windows are a virtually maintenance-free option. All you’ll need is a little soapy water to keep them clean once they’re installed. The windows flip down, pull out and swing out, making for quick and easy cleaning.

Environmentally-friendly. Vinyl windows not only help lessen your impact on the environment by using less energy, they’re recyclable, providing an especially environmentally-friendly window choice.

Affordability. Vinyl windows are some of the most affordable types of replacement windows you can buy.

The Cons

Style. If you prefer the look and feel of natural wood, vinyl windows may not be for you. Wood windows can be painted to match your home’s color palette, but vinyl isn’t paintable. However, wood windows are more expensive and require more maintenance for similar energy efficiency.Possibility of Poor Welding. If you’re going to purchase vinyl windows, you’ll want to make sure they’re high quality. If they’re poorly welded it can cause drainage problems and allow for air leakage which will negate the insulating properties of the windows.

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