Norm Architects uses earthen tones to connect family home to coastal setting in Denmark

Danish practice Norm Architects has employed sand-coloured walls and earth-hued furnishings throughout this home near Copenhagen to echo the colour palette of the rugged coastal landscape.

Seaside Abode by Norm Architects

Seaside Abode is situated in North Zealand, an area of Denmark recognised for its scenic lakes, forests and sandy beaches.

The clients tasked Norm Architects with creating interiors that “portrayed the simple beauty of things related to nature”, specifying that living spaces should appear rich and tactile.

Seaside Abode by Norm Architects

“The existing architectural structure was well carried, functional and harmonious – therefore the project was a refurbishment and a challenging exercise to incorporate the wild nature outside on a refined level,” interior architect Laura Bilde told Dezeen.

With this in mind, the practice decided to employ a restrained colour scheme that would keep focus on the ocean waves and grassy banks visible through the ground floor’s full-height windows.

Seaside Abode by Norm Architects

Dark-stained timber, which is intended to mimic the colour of soil, has been used to craft the kitchen cabinetry and to clad the living area’s central gabled wall. In some areas it has been purposefully weathered to reflect the “wild character” of the outdoors.

This room is centred by a large, stone-coloured sofa by Italian brand Living Divani and a marble coffee table.

Seaside Abode by Norm Architects

“Boasting all-natural, rich materials, the house gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nature while inside,” said the practice.

Sleeping quarters have been completed with matching sandy-hued surfaces and slate grey bed linens.

Seaside Abode by Norm Architects

Keeping decoration to a minimum, the overall space has been dressed with chunky oak wood benches, textile hanging sculptures by Swedish brand Artelleriet, and a handful of artworks collected by the clients on previous trips abroad.

Norm Architects employed a similarly muted colour palette to create a cosy woodland dwelling in Norway, using mottled grey walls and warm wood panelling to “showcase the epitome of hygge”.

The practice also used neutral tones to complete a contemporary farmhouse in Suffolk’s countryside, amplifying views of nearby meadows and cornfields.

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