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It finally happened! I built a router table. I call it a mini router table or bench top router table because it is small but not so small, I am reserving the name of micro router table for on that is even smaller! but let me tell you about this one. It mounts by clamping into the vise on your workbench. if you don’t have a work bench then I suppose you could customize the design a little so it can sit on its own. The fence can be adjusted with the turning of two simple knobs and it has a port for dust collection that work way better than I expected, seriously there was like no dust anywhere when I did my testing. Like it is the best router table I have ever used, like I guess it is the only one I like ever used but whatever. Are you still reading this? lol I bet only I in 20000 people read the description so if you read it let me know in the comments and no I don’t say like that much IRL but I did grow up a stone’s throw from the valley, so like that made it so part of my culture and heritage. If you do comment let me know something wacky or strange from your culture or like whatever 😉 You are awesome.

Easy to make it and uses simple materials.
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