Making Your Small Place Feel Like A Big Space

Not everyone gets that chance to live in their dream home, which means it’s sometimes necessary to create the living situation that best fits your situation. One mistake that many make is equating how nice a living situation can be with the square footage of the living space. In fact there are many tactics designers use to increase the perceived space in smaller rooms. If your living space is short on storage or you’re sharing the main space with others, coping with a smaller living space can be done with a few easy to implement designer hacks.

Regardless of the type of space you have i.e, small apartment, loft, converted space, etc., there are a lot of simple techniques you can use to make the space feel much bigger. Ok, so you won’t actually gain any additional square footage but utilizing the same design factors that professional interior designers and architects use when working on commercial spaces, you can make the perception of the space feel bigger, instead of the cramped claustrophobic mess we can become accustom to with small rooms.

For example, going with a monochromatic color palette for your smaller space can help the room feel more open and airy than having lots of contrast. Choosing accents in your space such as curtains made of light fabrics and furniture with long, thin legs also can contribute to the impression that the space is a lot larger than it really is. Walls and floors can be accentuated with striped elements that help guide the eye horizontally or vertically to create the feeling of additional height or width, as well.

Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to live trapped in a phone booth. Rather it’s a great opportunity to explore your inner creative side and learn some basics of design that will not only make your space more beautiful but also make your a more aesthetically minded and interesting person. Ultimately the goal is to feel more comfortable in the space that’s allotted. With the following guide you can follow three actionable tips that will make your small space feel like a big place in no time. Cheers!


Making Your Small Space Feel Big in Downtown Apartment Company

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