Hollywood Regency is Seeing a Resurgence

We’ve all seen the grandiose glitzy homes of the Hollywood Hills and chalked them up to be something of a high class unattainable nature. However, this style that evokes images of roaring luxury and art deco, known as ‘Hollywood regency’, is fully available to all homes, and with 2018’s skill in nurturing more classical styles into a new generation, Hollywood regency is a style that has made a full comeback.

Luckily, this style is not solely reserved for the rich and the famous. There are a number of ways to incorporate Hollywood regency into your home. Let’s take a closer look at how this style is defined and see what you can do to incorporate a bit of sophisticated Hollywood glamor into your space.

In order to achieve a true Hollywood regency look, you’ll need to be well acquainted with the specifics of the style. When you hear the words Hollywood regency, an image of luxury likely comes to mind, but can you pick apart the specific elements that give the room that very aesthetic? Hollywood regency is defined by a neutral glamorous ambiance, punctuated with powerful details and a refined color scheme. Elements like highly lacquered surfaces and finishes, decadent fabrics on tufted pieces of furniture, and elegant lines are all staples of this style. It’s an expressive form of design for those that love classic pieces, but love the drama of lavish accents.

Furniture used to bolster your Hollywood regency style room can go from simplistic in nature to elaborate and lush. Our designers recommend pieces that have a glamorous nature—which doesn’t always have to mean extremely ornate. Look for clean lines, dark woods, and plush fabrics to evoke a luxurious feel, and you’re likely to find that your furniture has added an extra layer of sophistication to the overall design. Fabrics also play a prominent part in the impression of a piece of furniture. If you’re crazy about fabrics, Hollywood regency is surely a style that will appeal to you. You’ll want to source decadent fabrics, like velvet, velour, silk, and satin. Fur accents will also give a gorgeous touch of drama without upsetting the balance of the room.

Smaller decor is where you’re allowed to get a bit more decadent and dramatic. This is not a minimalist’s style by any means, as Hollywood regency’s inherent idea is to bring the focus lavish details in your decor, supported by your neutral base. This is a well-decorated room anchored by a quiet foundation. Source pieces that have a high-shine lacquer, are made of precious materials like marble, or have metallic finishes. Vases, sculptures, and light fixtures are all necessary pieces in a traditional Hollywood regency space. These finishes and shapes all reference prominent art deco themes and merge the ideas of decadence and boldness, while still remaining delicate. An importantly noted trait of Hollywood regency design is that it is gender neutral – providing a mix of shapes and themes that do not lean towards design that is too feminine nor too masculine.

A Hollywood regency color scheme is simple in nature, but at a distance, creates the character of the entire room. As we previously stated, you’ll want to start with a neutral base for walls and flooring, and let additional colors enter the frame via decor, fabrics, and other accents. Our designers recommend adding no more than three additional shades to the space, as to not overwhelm the area. High contrast is key, so choosing shades that stand out against your neutrals, like burgundy and navy, are essential. You can never go wrong with black and white as components of your color scheme; it’s sophisticated, elegant, and never overwhelming to the eye.

Now that we’ve broken this style down bit by bit, this should make it easier to incorporate a Hollywood regency decor style into your next home renovation. Take these stripped down ideas and build them up to create your own lush space. Our designers can firmly say Hollywood regency will never go out of style.

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