Here’s What Paige Davis Is Thinking When a Trading Spaces Reveal Isn’t Going Well

When the Trading Spaces revival popped up on my TiVo last weekend, it was comfortingly familiar (seriously, what eye cream is that cast using and where can I find it?). All of the originals were back, from Hildi and Doug to Ty Pennington, with a mix of more old favorites and new designers to come this season. But perhaps the best part of all was seeing the OG design show host Paige Davis (all due respect to Alex McLeod, perhaps we’ll see you when Joe Millionaire reboots). The only wink to the 10 years that had passed since the last time we’d seen Davis on TV? She wore a shirt printed with: “This Ain’t My First Rodeo.” And I mean, same—when I started watching Trading Spaces, I never could have imagined that a couple of decades later I’d end up being the editor of Apartment Therapy.

So when Purina offered me the chance to meet Davis at an event this week, my early-2000s self nearly died. She and the company spent some time designing an apartment from the pet’s perspective: “If I traded spaces with my little Maltese, Georgie, and she got to design this apartment, this is probably what it would look like,” she told me. We sat down afterward on a human couch behind the scenes to talk Trading Spaces.


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