Here’s the Truth About Open Shelving (From People Who Have Them) 

Ahhh, open shelving. There are some very strong opinions about this kitchen trend. I’m 99% ready to take the leap myself, ditching the looming floor-to-ceiling boxy pantries a previous owner added to our Victorian home. They close in the already smallish space, make getting around the kitchen island an annoying shuffle anytime my husband and I are both in there (every meal time, ever), and in general take up way more footprint than is necessary.

But it’s a big commitment to move to an everything-on-display kitchen. Sure, they look beautiful on Pinterest, but what’s it really like to live with open shelves? I’ve dipped my toe in the water with open shelving in our home’s butler’s pantry but before I call in the demo crew for the kitchen, I wanted to hear from people who can speak truth to shelving. Fortunately I found several people who have (or used to have) open shelving, and are ready to tell all.


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