DIY Outdoor Decor to Keep Bugs Away


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Make your garden a bug free party zone


If you use your garden as an entertaining space during warm weather, there is a good chance that bugs will be a problem at some point. They can become a real nuisance if you let them. The good news is that there are things you can do to deter bugs from attending your party.

If you have a serious bug infestation, then it may be necessary to get some help from the experts; you can find out more about this. However, more often than not, you will simply find that an odd few ants, bugs or flies are hanging around. This is when you can take action.


Use citronella table lights


Bugs hate citronella and they hate flames so combining the two in table lights makes sense.  All you need is some regular holders and floating candles, citronella oil and maybe some orange peel and rosemary to add. Place the oil in the holders, add the rosemary and orange peel and place the candles on top. Then light the candles and you have great smelling table lights that keep the bugs at bay and make a great addition to your entertaining décor.


Make lavender work for you


This tip is especially useful for deterring mosquitoes and gnats; a good idea if you do not want guests to be bitten. Lavender is a great deterrent for these bugs. You can plant some close to the area where you normally entertain and then place some in a small vase on the table, on the night of the party.  


Plant herbs close by


Herbs like basil, rosemary and mint can be used to enhance the meals that you cook in your home. They are also excellent bug deterrents. This means that you have two good reasons to grow plenty of herbs in your garden.


Use a fan outdoors


Using a fan outdoors when you are hosting a summer party, is not just an excellent way of helping guests to stay cool. It also keeps pests such as mosquitoes at bay. If you are going to use a fan outdoors on a regular basis you should choose one that is intended for outdoor use. These fans are often water resistant, rust resistant and have sturdy cabling that makes them safe for use on hard and rough outdoor surfaces.


Spray a vinegar solution to get rid of ants


If you spot a few ants gathering around the area where you are all set to entertain your friends, simply fill a spray bottle with half white vinegar and half water and spray them with the solution. This should kill off, or chase away, the ants that are present. Do not forget that if ants get into your home it can become infested. If you think there is a danger of this happening, you should get professional help; click here for more information.

Do not let bugs spoil your summer party fun. Follow these steps to keep them away from your outdoor entertaining space.

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