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There were just two things a young Kate Inglis wanted to be when she grew up: a professional roller skater and an author. “Only one so far has panned out,” reports the YA and children’s book author (If I Were a Zombie, Flight of the Griffons, and The Dread Crew) and the upcoming adult non-fiction book Notes for the Everlost: A Field Guide to Grief. And while she doesn’t get paid to roller skate, Inglis does make a living writing, as well as through photography and corporate storytelling. And it’s precisely this robust variety of income sources that has allowed Kate’s freelance career to flourish. A career that she works on from an utterly inspiring, all-white, loft-like “crowsnest” home office on the top floor of a house built in 1900. Below, she shares some of her secrets to working from home.


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