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Name: Samantha Nobles and husband Daniel
Location: Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.
Size: 500 square feet
Years lived in: 2.5 years, renting

The Nobles’ Nest is our first home as a married couple, for this reason alone we have a special adoration for this basement apartment. The couple who lived in the space before us are coincidentally our friends, and when they were moving out we conveniently slid right in to fill their spot! The best part of living here? We are within a few blocks of most of our friends and community. It is not uncommon to have surprise drop ins and spontaneous dinner or drinks with our friends in the neighborhood! When things feel too crammed, or I am desiring a nicer bathroom or more kitchen counter space—I stop myself and think: “One day you will miss this little place and all that comes with it! Savor this season!” It truly is all about perspective.


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