8 Rooms That Have Mastered Effortless “French Girl” Style

When it comes to admirable fashion and beauty standards, there’s most certainly a “French girl” aesthetic that’s generally considered impossibly cool. Think Breton stripes and jeans, a messy bun or bed hair, and a bare face with maybe just a pop of red lipstick. It’s all about trying without really trying — or not looking like you did, at least.

That said, I think there’s a way to extend that subtle je ne sais quoi aesthetic into your interiors. And I’m not alone. Author Danielle Postel-Vinay just wrote a book on mastering French style at home, Home Sweet Maison, where she outlines how the French build their layered yet orderly, casual cool interiors one room at a time. Using her book as a guide, I found a handful of “French girl” approved rooms with the hopes that you might copy them stateside, that is, if you want a little French flair in your life.


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