5 Ways To Beef Up Your Home Security

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Ask any homeowner in the UK or anywhere around the world if they have any general concerns, and the vast majority will tell you they worry about home security. The modern society we live in is an arena for the haves and have not’s to share and some people prefer to steal from others rather than working. You’ve only got to read the local newspaper to realize that domestic break-ins are indeed on the rise, and if you would like a few ideas on how to improve the security of your living space, here are some ways you can protect your home against unauthorized access

1. Install Automatic Gates – The obvious place for the modern opportunist burglar to enter an empty property is through the front entrance, and by installing a set of electric gates, you are preventing any unauthorized access. The units automatically close, ensuring that your property is secure. With remote control use, your children and pets can play away in the garden, safe in the knowledge that the front entrance is locked. If you are looking for a company who supplies and installs electric gates UK homeowners trust, a simple Google search will put you in touch with an established supplier.

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2.CCTV – Like electric gates, video surveillance is a great deterrent and the system can be customized to suit your property. Most homes are fully covered with 3 or 4 cameras and when you and the family are away on the annual holiday, you can remotely view your home from any global location. The system is easy to manage and all the data is stored on a drive that is connected to the circuit. Infrared solutions and high-resolution cameras offer clear vision in any weather conditions, and you’d have to be hiding the crown jewels for a thief to tackle such a property.

3. Perimeter Fencing – This will ensure that your perimeter remains secure and there are stylish, yet sturdy solutions that include composite materials that require no maintenance. There is even faux timber grain to help blend with a character property and with the right gating, your living space will be well protected. The company that supplies automatic gates would also be able to install matching fencing, which will enhance the look of your home.

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4. Automatic Lights – There are gadgets that you hook up the electrical system that will turn lights on and off at random, which makes an intruder think the house is occupied, and only the daredevil burglar would attempt to enter an occupied home. You can also install motion sensor exterior lighting, and should a thief try to sneak into the back garden, very powerful LED spotlights would illuminate the entire area.

5. Biometric Locks – The age of the key is almost behind us, and by installing biometric locks that work on fingerprint, or retinal identification, your home will be secure and no family member has to carry a bunch of house keys. The keyless age has many benefits and by installing these now, you are improving home security, so much so that your home insurance premium might drop a little.

All of the above are cost-effective ways to boost home security and with domestic burglaries on the increase, the best time to start is now.

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